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“How do you get your ideas for songs?” This has to be our most asked question we get through our sites... well that and how do you unclog a bathroom drain after you suspect something crawled up and died in it! Kidding of course but as we have mentioned before we get a lot of different questions and we did promise to answer as many of them as we can.                                                                                                          
In this blog entry we will tackle some more questions we’ve been asked as well as offering some insight in to how we get things done when composing and maybe even how to unclog your drain without harsh chemicals! LOL

We are giving away  FREE Mp3’s of songs off of our 1st Album  “Asylum Awaits” until the end of the year! How do you get yours? Great question! Compliments still go a long way! Click on the link below and tell us what you like about our band or our music!

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